Rediscover Minglanilla, scene-zoned trails and waterfalls

It was beautiful Saturday, when I and my running friends Sir Eduardo, Dominic, Raymon and Roshz De decided to try different trails of Minglanilla, well a sort of exploration may be. This town is next to Talisay City when going down south of Cebu. It’s a progressive municipality and almost like a city, and it’s dubbed as Sugat Capital of the South which celebrated annually during Easter Sunday.

I almost live with mountains, and actually spent more times with mountain climbing than trail running but still I’m not your mountain goat. There’s a big difference of the two, basically mountaineering is camping while trail running is a combination of running and hiking and no camping at all.

As early 4:30 in the morning, we started running uphill beating sunrise before the lucrative trails. The first kilometer was all uphill not trails, it’s paved and concreted. We continued running until reaching the pure trail. I tell you, it was a bit hard. There were so much steeps and lowly trails, and it literally breaks your legs. The weather does cooperate with us, no rains but sunny which were fewer burdens to us. Speaking of sunny, it’s a scorching heat. There were open trails, and mostly canopied by biennial trees and shrubs.

Check this elevation profile for your reference,

elevation and route
Courtesy of Roshz De (Facebook post)

It wasn’t on our bucket to hunt for those waterfalls. All we planned was to run a trail. It was indeed a surprised and unplanned. We reached the first falls at about Kilometer 5-6 with my Garmin not working so well, Hinagdanan Falls. I guess it’s the nearest to access located in Brgy. Manduang. There were residences living near and it’s passable by vehicle. The falls is not that tall, not aquarium-blue but the view was totally refreshing. The drizzling sounds makes you lover indeed. This particular waterfall is described as Hinagdanan with its Visayan root word “hagdan” which means “stairs”. Thus a waterfall often related to vertical drop of water and in other ways, mostly staired-falls.

Hinagdanan Falls
Upper portion, Hinagdanan Falls

We continued to hike and run as planned for a 21 kilometer. We had our lunch at Purok Santol. There were no enough stores, we just had our instant noodles for our recovery and thank God, cold soft drinks were available to quench our thirst. We had short break and later continue uphill route.

Finally, we reached the multi-tiered falls. Matun-og Falls at Km 12 in Brgy Guindaruhan, it has name called level 1, 2 and 3, we took them all. With its spectacular view will leave you a jaw dropped. For my Instagram photos, of course I shot a lot.  The water is clear and refreshing, and it seems that less people had visited the area. The bliss-pool at the bottom of the waters was a varnish clear then we took a dip in the water to relax our tired muscles. The waters may not be as blue-gatorade as Kawasan falls in Badian but the views were just another way.  We enjoyed it very much, heyday!

Minglanilla Trails
Matung-og Falls -level 2
Matun-og Falls- level 2
Matun-og Falls- level 1

We continued our trail and just as Kilometer 16 mark, we did the chance to check on Kabugbugan Falls, the meaning literally “punch” the punching water drop made that sense. It’s nearest one from Barangay Guindaruhan. The falls in a single-tiered, the water drops was lovely. The water is pounding the rocks back. Indeed the view is another moment for Instragram. My friend who used to visit said, that there are more water drops during rainy season which is even more picturesque.

Kabugbugan Falls- level 1
Kabubugan Falls- level 1

There’s a lot to discover Minglanilla. Caves and undiscovered falls will truly attract any. But I know later on, spelunking in this amazing place soon a big a deal. I may say, the local tourism should check specific of this potential growth and flocks of unsolicited tourist.

Hitch me baby one more time, on our way exit at Brgy. Guindaruhan

We made an exit in Nava Industrial Zone in Brgy. Guindaruhan. It leaves us beautiful and positive impressions, it was tiring but all worth. It was short as 21 kilometer but the story behind was a bajillion.

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Finishing the Toughest Edition of TransCebu Ultramarathon!

Have you heard about Transcentral Highway in Cebu City? If not, do a bit research of it. Then try to imagine of how we borne to finish line of an ultamarathon race.

Runners from 105KM Category


Runners from 55KM Category

One of my ever toughest ultramarathon was TransCebu Ultramarathon in 2016 and 2017. Considered to be one of the longest, toughest, most elevated ultra-race in the province and even Southeast Asian Regions. I joined twice already, and it’s indeed hard to finish stronger in 105KM category. Its total elevation recorded utmost at 3,913 m and the highest elevation is 975 m and highest temperature logged is 32 degree Celsius with the lowest of 22 degree Celsius.

The Old Route of TCU105 (used in 2014,2015,2016). Elevation is also described in this graphics. Image Credit to the Owner.

The past edition of 105KM category flagged off at Naga City in Southern Cebu and stretched via Toledo City and Balamban National Road to Transcentral Cebu with Mt. Manunggal to finish line in Brgy. Busay, Cebu City. While 55KM category flagged off at the Municipality of Balamban with the same route as 105KM category. But in the year 2017, 105KM implemented its new route. The route was even more strenuous, dirtier roads and more trails. It was an out and back route, totally brand new. From its starting line in Brgy. Busay to Brgy. Sta Cruz in Balamban and back with trails of Mt. Manunggal and new trails extending up to 10KM trail to Sitio Satujan in Brgy Gaas, Balamban. And 55KM category flagged off in Brgy. Sta Cruz in Balamban and followed same route as 105KM.

2017 TCU route (105KM and 55KM)

In recently concluded event of TCU 2017. There were only thirteen (13) official finishers, with four (4) finishers beyond cut off time and one (1) DNF from 105KM category. While 100% were finishers of 55KM category equivalent to seventeen (17) runners.



Finisher’s medal

What would I say? I am pleased to finish it for the second time. I am also grateful to runners to have tested themselves in one of the toughest ultra in local scene. My salute to runners who never gave up and continued to endure themselves until the finish line. To Race Director- Sir Blue, thank you so much for innovating a commendable race events. It is truly inspiring among local and foreign athletes, We now believe that ” Slow is the new fast” .Congratulations to us and see you in 2018!


7 Elite Stories of Pamutan Trail; their stories and yours too!

Do you like trail running? Definitely you would think twice before you answer it. Some others yes, but mostly not. Trail running simply refers to mountain trails and it shares same discipline with road marathon but what is immense difference is that the superfluous effort you will engage along the whole race due to uphill and downhill route. Plus, the muddy and subtle tracks that surprises you along.

Now, let me take you to the recent trail event in Cebu. The 1st Pamutan Trail Marathon concluded last July 2 in Bagsakan Center, Pamutan, Cebu City. The said event was part of Cebu Trail Challenge Series to which all of these races will be happening later this year in Cebu ridges.

My timeline weeks ago caught my attention by some reactions of my friends, FB friends, IG follows in favour to Pamutan Trail Marathon. It was indeed a mixed shout outs, full of excitements, happiness, completions, consolations and etc.

To start with their fascinating stories and reactions lets kick it off by the “King of Pamutan Trail Marathon;




3.19849235_10212659256343846_126973920_n - Copy

4.donn - Copy - Copy




The stories of these athletes are simply inspirational. Win or “lost” we owe a great stories and learnings from them. Cebu FAT ASS Trail Run is up, and definitely their attendance are highly regarded as yours. For more of their stories, check on their Facebook accounts and get motivated.





Banas Guimaras 10 Mile Trail Race 2017; A taste of Guimaras Island Trails.

Guimaras Island, Philippines is known for its sweetest Mango. Aside from it, they are also famous in beautiful beaches and lucrative wind mills in the town of San Lorenzo.


But what made me more interested was, on April 16, 2017 I was invited by my friend and Iloilo-based runner Ms. Rena Manubag, on a trail run event in Guimaras. The event officially titled “Banas Guimaras” which was a 10 mile or 16 Kilometer trail race. And since I am passionate to racing events, I packed up my things and traveled from Davao City to Iloilo City.


The Start/Finish line. Cabalagnan Central Elementary School was the starting and the finishing line. At 5:30 in the morning of Easter Sunday, runners broke their legs to the island trails, packed with strong determination and personal bests to conquer the course.


The Race Course/ the Trails. Since it’s a trail run, expect everything as normal. The route featured the mountains of Barangay Cabalagnan, Nueva Valencia. It was a bit hilly but runnable at all times. The route was fascinating, cashew trees are abundant which I think it comes natural to their place, greens sceneries and rice farms were among scenic, it was mostly open forest and morning heat was expected. Before reaching the finish line, you will track the seaside of the town. Views are best for Instagram and Facebook. Finally, the famous Rumagangrang Beach Resort in town, famous for its untouched nature and rock climbing activities of the cove.


17992043_1492566184119539_6385265886894578162_nThe Runners. There were at least 30 runners attended the event. Not much published but attended by most trail run avid around Iloilo, Antique and by some locals. But for sure next year, it will be more exciting as the feedback was good and expect more runners to come.


The Organizer/Race Director. No organizers/director allow his runners messed. Hydration/Aid were put in strategic places, proper markings were well imposed and marshals were attentive.

Honorable Mentions. To the Race Director Mr. Russel Lingat and his co-organizer Mr. Daive Valiente, thank you for the worth-running event and I will be looking forward for a half marathon trail event next year. To the male and female champions, Mr. John Ray Onifa and Abigail Faye Odelmo, you guys are born champions, keep it up!

Onifa on his finish line photo
Odelmo, in her finish

Evaluation. I give 9/10. See you in 2018!