Subing-Subing, Fernandez top STUR60: 214 runners finished strong

About 214 ultra runners finished strong in a recent 1st edition of Bukidnon STUR60 Ultramarathon Challenge held over the weekend in Malaybalay City and Maramag, Bukidnon.

Subing-Subing pose with his finisher’s trophy and podium plaque

Anthony Subing-Subing was declared overall champion setting a debut record of the first edition by five hours, 32 minutes and 57 seconds. Following him were, Dennis Labay and Buddy Lloyd Yparraguirre with 5:45:13 and 5:49:43 respectively.

While in female division, Noime Fernandez emerged top winner of her category by clocking six hours, 54 minutes and 49 seconds. Hedda Riola came second with 7:23:15 and Ritchelle Abella as third runner with final time of 7:48:09.

Top 3 men podium (fr. left Labay, Subing-Subing and Yparraguirre)

The said ultra race kicked off at Kaamulan Grounds in Malaybalay City and pass thru Philippine PAN Highway down Valencia City to Municipal Grounds of Maramag. Before the finish line, all runners were challenge to drop Musuan Peak~the highlight and highest elevation of the race. The said peak is known as Mount Calayo and also known by being an active volcano in Southern Philippines and standing shortly by 646 meters above the sea level.

Musuan Peak station was designed with cut off time, an added challenge to all participants while overall CoT was 14 hours. At the end of the event, five were DNF and 2 finished beyond cut off.

The rest of the Team STUR

The said race was hosted by Team Sugarcane Trail/Ultra Runners (STUR). Azenith Balbutin as Race Directress and Amigleo Brothers, Ramie and Rene assisting the race event together with the rest of the Team STUR.

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Like you, I am fascinated in running!

So amazing to see people running a marathon. I figured out mostly of them healthier and active. Their passion is bursting like mine. The feeling is great, that’s why I decide to join their roll. Oops, not a decision, but a mere developed fascination.

Of course, there are always rooms for improvement and with that I assess myself in four aspects;


Distance. How far I can run now without stopping. Am I ready for longer distances? It is always important to grasp your body preparedness for a such thing. It’s not always about honor and pride, it’s about security. Secured to finish such a distance entry.

Pace. How fast I am in a particular distance. For example, I finished a marathon in sub 4 and in recent I wasn’t able, instead my time is longer. This goes pace study which can affect the package, that’s why to improve and or maintain your pace is critical at all times.

Comparison. It’s not worse to compare others. We’re talking about your personal gain. By seeing others finishing earlier than you, it’s an ego. That’s why you need to compare in certain respondents like ages and sexes. But not in a certain level to compare yourself to elites who have trained the hardest, but if you wish too, you can.

Evaluation. At the end of a running event, I summed up my performance. There is only one thing and it’s all about recovery. The faster you recover, the stronger you are, does it means you are in a right track. Training is an essential not a basic. And note, it is always advise to eat a full meal. A multi-nutrients that will help your energy regain. Choose your food intake wisely.

Bet on your 41st Milo Marathon’s King and Queen!

Who do you think, this year’s Milo Marathon King and Queen? Would Jeson Agravante and Mary Joy Tabal still defend their throne?

Regional and Manila Qualifiers. The best time recorded for female category was in Urdaneta Leg by Christabel Martes (1:23:45) while males’ best was in Cagayan de Oro Leg by Gerald Zadala with 1:12:42. Both raced 21 kilometer to qualify the 42 kilometer finale.

Manila Qualifiers. The best time in 42 kilometer run was recorded by Cinderella Lorenzo with 3:15:50 for female category while males’ best by Rafael Pescos with 2:38:27. Both raced 42 kilometer to qualify 42 kilometer finale.

Milo Manila Qualifiers

Records. Jeson Agravante and Mary Joy Tabal topped last year’s 40th National Milo Marathon in Iloilo with 2:35:13 and 2:47:49 time respectively. While open category grabbed Kenyan nationals, Josphat Kiptanui Too Chobei with 02:22:13 and Elizabeth Chepkanan Rumokol with 02:41:55.

Below are top ten runners from regional qualifying races. These names on the list might be our champion, and who knows? For complete race results, please check their website.

Milo Qualifiers 2017

Best of luck!, again who do you think this year’s King and Queen?


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Hardcores to feast Cebu Northwest on Nov 18

Jake Soriano, a well attended ultra runners from Cagayan de Oro City

At least 45 ultra runners from all over the country are gobbling Northwest Roads for the 3rd edition of Cebu Northwest 100 Miles Ultramarathon this November 18-19.

A staunching foot race presented by Hardcore Events is one of the longest ultra race, which is next to Cebu Southwest 210K Ultramarathon which concluded mid this year.

The event will kick off at Daanbantayan Municipal Hall, and will pass through Central Nautical Highway of Medellin all the way to Northwest Roads of San Remegio to Balamban Cebu Transcentral Highway wrapping up 160 kilometer point at Plaza Independencia, Cebu City on November 19, 10 AM.

Elusive buckles and trophy awaits all pursuers. Aside from it, all runners are also entitled for “Dog Tag” especially made with runner’s name engraved on it. Event tees and other inclusions are also expected.

Mr. Edwin Colina, race director of the Hardcore Events is giving out hooded jacket and personalized shirt to Grand Slam finishers and Hall of Famer whom completed 900 and 530 kilometers from past editions of Cebu Southwest 210K Ultramarathon and Cebu Northwest 100 Miles Ultramarathon.

Hardcore Events is currently brewing another hardcore challenge through East Coast 100 Miles which is yet to finalize very soon.

Engbino defies age, holds Cebu 100 Miles Record

BREAKNECK RUNNER Desiderio “Sano” Engbino of Spectrum Runners proven once more as he finished champion and set a new course record of Cebu100 Miles Endurance Challenge 2017.


A 160 kilometer ultramarathon race over the weekend spangled Cebu Nautical and Transcentral Highways with 11 ultra runners vyed to cross the finish line before cut off time.

Engbino poses his Finish Line

The 46 year old Engbino officially finished the race in 21 hours and 39 minutes breaking the course record of last year’s edition set by Rose Betonio with clock time of 31 hours and 18 minutes.

Yadao poses his Finisher’s Plaque

Together with Engbino, was Janrey Yadao of Team PLDR crossed the finish line with official time of 35 hours and 4 minutes. The said two were only finishers before the cut off time. Race Director Sir Blue Tradio, allowed remainder runners to continue the race considering the course edition was extremely strenuous.

Cheers to the following in the list!



Menchu Constanilla of Team PLDR/ CUC, favored to name as female champion of this year’s edition. To her,  the route was not easy. It’s like ultra picnic, cooked meals along the route,  even asked some favors  to  locals to use of their bathroom and took catnap along the way.

Costanilla poses in her Finish Line

The race officially flagged off on the 7th of October 3AM at Consolacion Government Center in Consolacion, Cebu and finished on October 9 3PM  with COT of 36 hours at Brgy. Busay Multipurpose Hall, in Cebu City.

2017 Cebu 100 Miles Route
2017’s course map of Cebu 100 Endurance Challenge

Of note, the 2017 edition is a revision of last year’s edition where the starting line was in Brgy. Lahug, Cebu and finished in San Remegio, Cebu Province. The 2016 edition was positively finished by 9 runners which is far behind from this year’s result. According to RD Blue Tradio the said new route will be followed in next year’s edition.



Palmes wins 4th DC 2 DC Ultra Race

Photo Credit to the Owner

CHANG PALMES of Team Davao Striders and  DUC member named overall champion of seasoned DC 2 DC, a 60 Kilometer Ultramarathon Race event took over the weekend stretching Philippine-PAN Highway from Digos City Hall all the way to People’s Park in Davao City.

Palmes whose official clock time 5:41:57 beat more than 200 local runners. Next to him is Alvin Capuno 5:59:44 of Bansalan Runners and Joggers Club and Molly Gulfan of Koranal Ultra Runners Club with 6:44:23 for 2nd and 3rd place respectively.  Arriane Deocadez of South Cotabato Joggers/ Walkers Club topped the female category with her strongest  time of  7:52:29, in the 2nd place Vernaizi Mercado with 8:23:58 and 3rd place Jennifer Lerio with the time of 8:38:29.

Palmes who has been active in ultra running recorded him bags of podium in his races. Recently last August 6, he ranked 2nd place in SPMC100 Ultramarathon.

Image Credit to Team Kapwa

The race event was officially titled as DC 2 DC 4th Edition hosted by TK60 Ultramarathon of Team Kapwa Davao Inc. The race officially started at 9 PM on Saturday September 2 and finish the next day, Sunday September 3 with a given COT of 12 hours.

Image Credit to Team Kapwa

All finishers received a diamond-shaped golden medal engraved with its event’s title and distance, as well as their finisher’s shirt and a loot bag. The podium finishers also awarded a podium plaque and other freebies.

Last year’s edition was cancelled due to incident bombing in Roxas Avenue in Davao City which triggered edition to postpone. But instead diverted into other route which was scheduled on a later date.


2 Pinays finish 444 KM Ultra Race in Malaysia

Photo Credit to Rose and Cheryl

Cheryl Bihag and Rose Betonio of the Philippines were among finishers and only two Filipinas who took the challenge to finish the Coast 2 Coast 444 KM ultra race held in Malaysia this week.

On August 26 at 7:30 AM at Lumut in Manjung District, Perak, Malaysia these brave women kicked off their journey all the way to finish line at Terengganu, Eastern Coast of Peninsular, Malaysia on August 31, 2017 beating COT of 120 hours.

Image Credit to Coast 2 Coast Facebook Page

Amidst the crazy route with mixed weather condition surpassing all throughout the race period of at least 5 days.  Proudly representing the Philippines, the two joined at least 12 ultra runners from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and  Great Britain.

Image Credit to Coast 2 Coast Facebook Page

The said event is part of Tour de Malaysia Series that raises funds to help charities. Though it’s aimed is not to appeal all runners for a fund raising , but rather give completions to ultra runners who are craving for a greater challenges on their running career.

Photo Gallery (Credit to Cheryl and Rose)