Subing-Subing, Fernandez top STUR60: 214 runners finished strong

About 214 ultra runners finished strong in a recent 1st edition of Bukidnon STUR60 Ultramarathon Challenge held over the weekend in Malaybalay City and Maramag, Bukidnon.

Subing-Subing pose with his finisher’s trophy and podium plaque

Anthony Subing-Subing was declared overall champion setting a debut record of the first edition by five hours, 32 minutes and 57 seconds. Following him were, Dennis Labay and Buddy Lloyd Yparraguirre with 5:45:13 and 5:49:43 respectively.

While in female division, Noime Fernandez emerged top winner of her category by clocking six hours, 54 minutes and 49 seconds. Hedda Riola came second with 7:23:15 and Ritchelle Abella as third runner with final time of 7:48:09.

Top 3 men podium (fr. left Labay, Subing-Subing and Yparraguirre)

The said ultra race kicked off at Kaamulan Grounds in Malaybalay City and pass thru Philippine PAN Highway down Valencia City to Municipal Grounds of Maramag. Before the finish line, all runners were challenge to drop Musuan Peak~the highlight and highest elevation of the race. The said peak is known as Mount Calayo and also known by being an active volcano in Southern Philippines and standing shortly by 646 meters above the sea level.

Musuan Peak station was designed with cut off time, an added challenge to all participants while overall CoT was 14 hours. At the end of the event, five were DNF and 2 finished beyond cut off.

The rest of the Team STUR

The said race was hosted by Team Sugarcane Trail/Ultra Runners (STUR). Azenith Balbutin as Race Directress and Amigleo Brothers, Ramie and Rene assisting the race event together with the rest of the Team STUR.

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My Trail Love, Alicia

On a morning, I wake up raw in silver-white moon hung
When stars light up my path, then my footsteps become my beat
The mountain dew clasps my whole body
My arms sway left and right, down my legs push and pull
My legs cuddle desperately to witness your beauty
The sun slides and my feet feels insanity
On a canvass, a green sceneries starts to appear before me
Of your elusive trails, my body gets heavy and my eyes blur hardly
My feet crumples, and now feel dazedly
The air gets thinner, when your sea of clouds appears
Slowly I see your lucrative beauty

I see bright colors from a luminous light of a good sunrise
Grasping grassland that when two unites, craft a anew
The air whispers in a blady grass
Now is an unordinary, I breathe fresh and so natural
My eyes widen, and superb amazed with your natural beauty
Like a big brothers of chocolate hills
On the other day, tourists would chase and guise on you

The sun goes up in a dry worn trail
A masterpiece by landscape artist,  now my fascination
All clear, all green like a new strange day
Horizon drain of color all are magnificent
The surreal piece is now complete, a pastoral scene
I get,  The Alicia Panoramic Park wholly

Going down is not so easy, damn so lovely
On a lowly trails, I once again unlovely fool by your beauty
On an ordinary river crossing, I become newbie
A thorough  uphill and downhill, I feed my insanity.

I hear the music loud, alone along with muddy trail shoe
Sun heats up strongly, when I see my bottles empty
I remain strong, nearing the main festive park lucky
No whining, I see friends patiently waiting for me
All I hear, cheers and glory
Right at the park, end of my journey
I finished a twenty one kilometer trail race
on that day



Like you, I am fascinated in running!

So amazing to see people running a marathon. I figured out mostly of them healthier and active. Their passion is bursting like mine. The feeling is great, that’s why I decide to join their roll. Oops, not a decision, but a mere developed fascination.

Of course, there are always rooms for improvement and with that I assess myself in four aspects;


Distance. How far I can run now without stopping. Am I ready for longer distances? It is always important to grasp your body preparedness for a such thing. It’s not always about honor and pride, it’s about security. Secured to finish such a distance entry.

Pace. How fast I am in a particular distance. For example, I finished a marathon in sub 4 and in recent I wasn’t able, instead my time is longer. This goes pace study which can affect the package, that’s why to improve and or maintain your pace is critical at all times.

Comparison. It’s not worse to compare others. We’re talking about your personal gain. By seeing others finishing earlier than you, it’s an ego. That’s why you need to compare in certain respondents like ages and sexes. But not in a certain level to compare yourself to elites who have trained the hardest, but if you wish too, you can.

Evaluation. At the end of a running event, I summed up my performance. There is only one thing and it’s all about recovery. The faster you recover, the stronger you are, does it means you are in a right track. Training is an essential not a basic. And note, it is always advise to eat a full meal. A multi-nutrients that will help your energy regain. Choose your food intake wisely.

Bet on your 41st Milo Marathon’s King and Queen!

Who do you think, this year’s Milo Marathon King and Queen? Would Jeson Agravante and Mary Joy Tabal still defend their throne?

Regional and Manila Qualifiers. The best time recorded for female category was in Urdaneta Leg by Christabel Martes (1:23:45) while males’ best was in Cagayan de Oro Leg by Gerald Zadala with 1:12:42. Both raced 21 kilometer to qualify the 42 kilometer finale.

Manila Qualifiers. The best time in 42 kilometer run was recorded by Cinderella Lorenzo with 3:15:50 for female category while males’ best by Rafael Pescos with 2:38:27. Both raced 42 kilometer to qualify 42 kilometer finale.

Milo Manila Qualifiers

Records. Jeson Agravante and Mary Joy Tabal topped last year’s 40th National Milo Marathon in Iloilo with 2:35:13 and 2:47:49 time respectively. While open category grabbed Kenyan nationals, Josphat Kiptanui Too Chobei with 02:22:13 and Elizabeth Chepkanan Rumokol with 02:41:55.

Below are top ten runners from regional qualifying races. These names on the list might be our champion, and who knows? For complete race results, please check their website.

Milo Qualifiers 2017

Best of luck!, again who do you think this year’s King and Queen?


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PCG Officer Vico Librilla, in PHL longest footraces

PCG officer Ludovico “Vico” Librilla Jr, an officer enforces law on waters, safeguards and protects seas and properties but no less a ruler and conqueror of Philippine road’s longest ultramarathon events.

BBG Manila based ultra-runner and proud Ilonggo is a member of Team CARE Runners. To date, he holds at least hard earned gold, silver, bronze buckles. The latest is his 3rd Cebu Northwest 100 Miles Ultra.

Librilla in GOA with RD Jovenal “BR” Narcise

Waving seas to road. 39  year old Librilla has been active in ultramarathon despite of his hectic shedule. Being in the Philippine Coast Guard, requires physical and mental fit and to mention, he is the first and only PCG officer to have finished an ultramarathon distances ranging 160 to 342 kilometers.

3rd Cebu Northwest 100 Miles Ultra
Buckle collection as of October 2017

In the platform. He was named over-all champion of  this year’s Manila to Baguio 250 Kilometer Ultramarathon. With 24 pursuers in Rizal Park  Baguio City, he officially clocked 43 hours 3 minutes and 49 seconds. In August 2016, he was also champion of PAU’s 3rd West Coast 200 Kilometer Ultramarathon, of 23 finishers he clocked 35 hours and 34 minutes and 21 seconds at the finish line in Alaminos, Panganisan. More than that, he landed podium places in various ultra running events.

1st Butuan-Davao (DU300) Ultra Race
2nd Cebu Southwest 210km Ultra Race
3rd Manila -Daet 342km Ultra Race

There’s no reason to skip. This year, Vico had attended country’s longest ultramarathon races. All strong finished. June, when he vyed Visayas’ longest foot race through 2nd Cebu Southwest 210 kilometer Ultramarathon. August, when he finished Mindanao longest foot race from Butuan City to Davao City through DUC300, a jaw dropping distance of 300 kilometers. And on November, when he successfully conquered Luzon’s and country’s toughest and longest ultra through 3rd Manila to Daet 342 kilometer ultramarathon.


To inspire others. Being in the flatform it’s a goal of him to inspire others especially his comrades in PCG. Whatever inclusions are, all are hard earned through tough training. He inspires all by saying slowly but surely which made him successful strong finisher in all races.


Meet him in person,  he is a good friend. For sure you will enjoy his company. He has a sense of humor enough to bring you off out of place. With his 28 ultramarathon records, plus marathon and fun run attendances genuinely deserved a man to follow and get inspiration from his ultra running journeys.


Brent Costillas ranks 2nd in Toughest and Longest Ultra Race in the Philippines

Brent Costillas (10)He fears none, it’s all about time management, discipline and determination brought him to success. Lapu Lapu City-based ultra runner Francis Bren Costillas or socially known as Brent Longdistance Runner finished his longest ultra marathon race on November 1st early morning

Brent Costillas (5)

With jaw dropping distance of 342 kilometer from Rizal Park in Manila to Bantayog Shrine in Daet, Camarines Norte, Brent completed the race with official time of  74 hours 46 minutes and  6 seconds placed  him second runner to hit the finish line just 18 minutes ahead from the 1st runner. With his placement he earned the elusive golden fin buckle.

The 3rd Manila-Daet(Bicol) 342 Km Endurance Race 2017 was presented by Active Runners -Philippines with Race Director Rodell Mendoza. On their starting line, October 28 10:20 PM, a total of 10 runners across VISMIN including Brent had appeared themselves strong and focused beating COT on November 1, 8:20AM. Amidst the frowning weather condition and difficult route both 1st runner, Kevin Luna surpassed the course record which was hold by its first edition champion 2015, Lao Ogerio with 74 hours 44 minutes and  29 seconds which is close to Brent’s official time.

Heaven Laborde

The tough ten at the starting line with RD Rodell Mendonza (center). Photo Credit Heave Laborde 


35 years old Brent hails from Maasin City, Southern Leyte. His passion in running was all started in 2014 when he first joined half marathon in Cebu City Marathon. He was recognized then by running with costume, in fact he won Best Costume by that time, and decided to continue joining CCM presenting head turning costumes.

Brent Costillas (6)

He wears colorful costume in Cebu City Marathon



In 2014 he won Best Costume in Cebu City Marathon


With influences to some friends in running community. Brent pushed his passion into more hardcore and through ultra running he found himself in love. In 2015 he finished Adik ug Dagan University (Eng. trans, Addicted to Running University) a three day event with 260 kilometer ultra distance. The said event was colloquially dubbed as “Masteral Couse in 2015 which was presented by Cebu Ultrarunners Club.

Brent Costillas (2).jpg

That feeling when you’re adorned by your most hard earned stuffs


Brent Costillas (9)

Hard-earned buckles, should you have it!


With influences to some friends in running community. Brent pushed his passion into more hardcore and through ultra running he found himself in love. In 2015 he finished Adik ug Dagan University (Eng. trans, Addicted to Running University) a three day event with 260 kilometer ultra distance. The said event was dubbed as “Masteral Couse in 2015 which was presented by Cebu Ultrarunners Club.

With influences to some friends in running community. Brent pushed his passion into more hardcore and through ultra running he found himself in love. In 2015 he finished Adik ug Dagan University (Eng. trans, Addicted to Running University) a three day event with 260 kilometer ultra distance. The said event was colloquially dubbed as “Masteral Couse in 2015 which was presented by Cebu Ultrarunners Club.

Brent Costillas (7)

A CUC’s event pose


He was one of the history maker of Mindanao’s longest Ultra Marathon Race last August 2017. He completed the 300 kilometer from Butuan to Davao in 76 hours 28 minutes and 52 seconds which ranked him 11th runner out of 20 finishers of the event.

Brent Costillas

Brent, in his finish of Butuan to Davao 300K Ultra


Brent Costillas

A closer look to his golden buckle from his Butuan to Davao Ultra


He also joined some of the Hardcore Events took place in Cebu. In fact, he placed 3rd in 2ND Cebu Southwest 210 Kilometer Ultra marathon last June 9-11 2017. He was also a finisher of 1ST and 2nd Cebu Northwest 100 Miles Ultra Marathon in years 2015 and 2016.

Brent Costillas (11)

Finishing podium in Hardcore Events


Lot to mention,  those are just some of his achievements. Brent is a full time employee of Azure Beach Club of Crimson Resort Spa-Mactan. Aside from his friends abroad, he is lucky to have his manager very supportive, Mr. Frederick Quito helped his finances to defray some of his expenses, particularly Manila to Daet race. Prior to his placement, Brent was promised by his manager to give him additional cash of P 5000.00 if he sstaged himself to podium

He plans to join triathlon. He also does trail and fun runs. Brent’s journey is awesome, follow him, check his facebook account to know him more

PH longest ultra race sets on October 28- 342 km


Finest ultrarunners nationwide are all set to join the country’s longest ultramarathon race scheduled on October 28. The 3rd Manila to Daet Endurance Race 2017 is one of toughest ultramarathon in the country today with its promising and remarkable distance of 342 kilometer that will truly left awe to everyone in the running community.

Aside from its jaw dropping distance, from Rizal Park in Manila the race will track some of the most the difficult routes of the PAN Philippine Highway crossing borders to borders of three regions of Southern Luzon finishing at the historic first Rizal Monument, mostly known as Bantayog Shrine in Daet, Camarines Norte

The said race event will span about 82 hours rain or shine concluding on November 1st 8AM following strict cut off times at each designated check points. All finishers will be awarded of elusive finisher’s buckle, trophy and medal.

Image Credit to: Rodell Mendoza, Race Director

Champions to champions from various racing events  are expected to join as far as Cebu City.  This year’s Manila-Baguio (250k) Champion, Mr. Vico Librilla is also expected to vie the title. Together with him is BBG Superstar Roselle Abajo to set record for finishing first female in the longest ultra race in the country. Last year’s edition champion was Joseph de la Rosa with finish time of 86 hours and 25 minutes ans 14 seconds finishing bronze category.


The race has limited slots and for toughest runners only, Sir Rodell Mendoza (Race Director) urges all “to never join if your mind, body and soul are not ready”. In fact guidelines are stipulated to set standards among racers.

For more details you may follow and redirect this link below;