Rediscover Minglanilla, scene-zoned trails and waterfalls

It was beautiful Saturday, when I and my running friends Sir Eduardo, Dominic, Raymon and Roshz De decided to try different trails of Minglanilla, well a sort of exploration may be. This town is next to Talisay City when going down south of Cebu. It’s a progressive municipality and almost like a city, and it’s dubbed as Sugat Capital of the South which celebrated annually during Easter Sunday.

I almost live with mountains, and actually spent more times with mountain climbing than trail running but still I’m not your mountain goat. There’s a big difference of the two, basically mountaineering is camping while trail running is a combination of running and hiking and no camping at all.

As early 4:30 in the morning, we started running uphill beating sunrise before the lucrative trails. The first kilometer was all uphill not trails, it’s paved and concreted. We continued running until reaching the pure trail. I tell you, it was a bit hard. There were so much steeps and lowly trails, and it literally breaks your legs. The weather does cooperate with us, no rains but sunny which were fewer burdens to us. Speaking of sunny, it’s a scorching heat. There were open trails, and mostly canopied by biennial trees and shrubs.

Check this elevation profile for your reference,

elevation and route
Courtesy of Roshz De (Facebook post)

It wasn’t on our bucket to hunt for those waterfalls. All we planned was to run a trail. It was indeed a surprised and unplanned. We reached the first falls at about Kilometer 5-6 with my Garmin not working so well, Hinagdanan Falls. I guess it’s the nearest to access located in Brgy. Manduang. There were residences living near and it’s passable by vehicle. The falls is not that tall, not aquarium-blue but the view was totally refreshing. The drizzling sounds makes you lover indeed. This particular waterfall is described as Hinagdanan with its Visayan root word “hagdan” which means “stairs”. Thus a waterfall often related to vertical drop of water and in other ways, mostly staired-falls.

Hinagdanan Falls
Upper portion, Hinagdanan Falls

We continued to hike and run as planned for a 21 kilometer. We had our lunch at Purok Santol. There were no enough stores, we just had our instant noodles for our recovery and thank God, cold soft drinks were available to quench our thirst. We had short break and later continue uphill route.

Finally, we reached the multi-tiered falls. Matun-og Falls at Km 12 in Brgy Guindaruhan, it has name called level 1, 2 and 3, we took them all. With its spectacular view will leave you a jaw dropped. For my Instagram photos, of course I shot a lot.  The water is clear and refreshing, and it seems that less people had visited the area. The bliss-pool at the bottom of the waters was a varnish clear then we took a dip in the water to relax our tired muscles. The waters may not be as blue-gatorade as Kawasan falls in Badian but the views were just another way.  We enjoyed it very much, heyday!

Minglanilla Trails
Matung-og Falls -level 2
Matun-og Falls- level 2
Matun-og Falls- level 1

We continued our trail and just as Kilometer 16 mark, we did the chance to check on Kabugbugan Falls, the meaning literally “punch” the punching water drop made that sense. It’s nearest one from Barangay Guindaruhan. The falls in a single-tiered, the water drops was lovely. The water is pounding the rocks back. Indeed the view is another moment for Instragram. My friend who used to visit said, that there are more water drops during rainy season which is even more picturesque.

Kabugbugan Falls- level 1
Kabubugan Falls- level 1

There’s a lot to discover Minglanilla. Caves and undiscovered falls will truly attract any. But I know later on, spelunking in this amazing place soon a big a deal. I may say, the local tourism should check specific of this potential growth and flocks of unsolicited tourist.

Hitch me baby one more time, on our way exit at Brgy. Guindaruhan

We made an exit in Nava Industrial Zone in Brgy. Guindaruhan. It leaves us beautiful and positive impressions, it was tiring but all worth. It was short as 21 kilometer but the story behind was a bajillion.

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