Hope 400 Ultramarathon Race Result


Photo Credit: Marvin Photography

  • Race EventHope 400 Ultramarathon
  • Date of Event: 9am August 8 to 10 AM August 12
  • Start: Lanao’s People Park, Marawi City 
  • Finish: Peoples Park, Davao City
  • Distance: 400 kilometers+
  • Cut off time: 96 hours, immediate cut off every 100 km (24 hours)
  • Course: Road
  • Race Director: Coach Roel Ano
  • Organizing Team: Davao Ultrarunners Club / BBG Events
  • Tag: Mindanao’s longest footrace
Rank Runner Time
1 Jonathan Pido 82:32:55
2 Rhodelyn Salavia 90:45:12
3 Jose Sanchez 91:22:14
4 Neil Bultron 91:22:15
5 Arnel Andilab 91:27:22
6 Terese Celmar 92:20:03
7 Edwin Silagan 92:20:04
8 Ramie Amigleo 97:28:05
9 Rene Amigleo 97:28:05
10 Jake Soriano 98:35:41
11 Irene Tan 100:23:35
12 Azenith Balbutin 101:00:03



Engbino, Mari win anew

At least 298 runners gathered to run for a cause event of Team ADR’s Cebu North 50KM Ultramarathon held over July 14 and 15 at Bogo City Plaza, North Cebu.


Veteran runner Desiderio “Sano” Engbino of Spectrum Runners was declared once more as male champion setting him three hours, 55 minutes and 50 seconds while Team ADR’s very own Marivic Mari notched her category with 5 hours, 54 minutes and 54 seconds.

“Sano” remains consistent every race and proves his mastership of ultra-running even outside Cebu. Mari, a police officer started not so long ago to ultra-running is now making her name as the fast-rising female champion. Both were tandem champion of the recent San Fernando-Kawasan 50 mile ultra last month.

Others in the male podium were Edil Batiancila who is also from Spectrum recorded a time 4:05:53, following him Isidro Moradas with 4:42:28. While in women’s cat, Mary Claire Maranga was listed as second runner to reach with 6:08:05 and Lilian Racuya came third with 6:34:11.

The event also hosted a half way ultra-race. 25Km category commenced 3AM on Sunday was attended by 85 runners. After 5 hours cut off, Vivencio Narca concluded victorious of his category marking one hour, 40 minutes and 54 minutes. Filrose Mejorada won her cat by at least Sub 2:30. Abelito Neiz settled as second male runner and Bonifacio Monjas, third with 1:52:22 and 1:49:52 respectively. Annalisa Dacayana came second female runner with 2:54:21 and Ma. Theresa Sagiahon came as third with 3:32:37.

The top 3 in each category was awarded a cash prize and plaque. The top 10 in each category was also recognized and awarded a podium medal at the conclusion of the event.

Benefiting the cause, is Brian “Popoy” Guillen, a team member of Any Day Runners. The intention is to help “Popoy” defray his medical expenses. Guillen is an ultra-runner/ triathlete and police officer who suffered from severe dehydration after he collapsed during run leg of Ironman 70.3 last year.

The organizers, race director and president of Team ADR Jez Ramos were delighted to all runners joining the successful event.

Subing-Subing, Fernandez top STUR60: 214 runners finished strong

About 214 ultra runners finished strong in a recent 1st edition of Bukidnon STUR60 Ultramarathon Challenge held over the weekend in Malaybalay City and Maramag, Bukidnon.

Subing-Subing pose with his finisher’s trophy and podium plaque

Anthony Subing-Subing was declared overall champion setting a debut record of the first edition by five hours, 32 minutes and 57 seconds. Following him were, Dennis Labay and Buddy Lloyd Yparraguirre with 5:45:13 and 5:49:43 respectively.

While in female division, Noime Fernandez emerged top winner of her category by clocking six hours, 54 minutes and 49 seconds. Hedda Riola came second with 7:23:15 and Ritchelle Abella as third runner with final time of 7:48:09.

Top 3 men podium (fr. left Labay, Subing-Subing and Yparraguirre)

The said ultra race kicked off at Kaamulan Grounds in Malaybalay City and pass thru Philippine PAN Highway down Valencia City to Municipal Grounds of Maramag. Before the finish line, all runners were challenge to drop Musuan Peak~the highlight and highest elevation of the race. The said peak is known as Mount Calayo and also known by being an active volcano in Southern Philippines and standing shortly by 646 meters above the sea level.

Musuan Peak station was designed with cut off time, an added challenge to all participants while overall CoT was 14 hours. At the end of the event, five were DNF and 2 finished beyond cut off.

The rest of the Team STUR

The said race was hosted by Team Sugarcane Trail/Ultra Runners (STUR). Azenith Balbutin as Race Directress and Amigleo Brothers, Ramie and Rene assisting the race event together with the rest of the Team STUR.

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The Five Highest Mountains in the Philippines

This is exactly predictable to mountaineering community. As exploration continues, and with better documentation the order of the highest mountain in the Philippines are as follows. Just briefed

1.Mt. Apo in Davao del Sur

The King, still the highest mountain. No other recent discovery to vie its towering height of 2,956 meters above sea level. Apo is located in Davao del Sur. Sulfur vents, Lake Venado, Boulders, century trees, falls, rivers and various species of flora and fauna all represents majesty.

2. Mt. Dulang Dulang in Bukidnon

With 2938 meters above sea level making it as the second highest peak. One of the favorite hiking destination of mountaineers for its challenging trail, plus a feature of Manny’s Garden

3. Mt. Pulag in Cordillera

Do you still remember that Mt. Pulag was regarded as the second highest mountain? But then as early 2006, some mountaineers and Mindanao explorers documented that Mt. Dulang Dulang in Bukidon is 16 meters taller than Pulag.

4. Mt. Kitanglad in Bukidnon

Surprisingly the summit features towers of, ABS CBN, GMA , NAPOCOR, PTT and etc. This is really Ironic! Whenever in Kitanglad, Mount Dulang Dulang can be traversed and is usually paired with KD2LM (Kitanglad, Dulang Dulang, Langkayugan and Maagnaw). This is a major traverse climb and it takes 4 days to summit them all. Kitanglad’s height is 2,899 masl

5. Mt. Piapayungan in Lanao del Sur

The recent 5th Mt Kalatungan is now down to 6th place, taller by at least 80 meters. This is the newest revelation to mountaineering community and another challenge to all who have completed the major 5. It is commonly mistaken as Mt. Ragang or blue mountain. Its distinction is that, Mt. Ragang is located in the range of Piapayungan where as the highest point of Piapayungan range is referred as Mt. Piapayungan.

Mt. Kalatungan
Mt Kitanglad

Others in the top 10;

6th Mt. Kalatungan, 2860 masl

7th M.t Tabayoc, 2842 masl

8th Mt. Maagnaw, 2742 masl

9th Mt. Timbak, 2717 masl

10th Mt. Ragang, 2714 masl

For sur, in the year to come, there would be another discovery to reveal especially to this top 10. Explorers continue to study its accurate elevation thru satellite imaging. For the meantime, this is how top 5 ordered.

Espina first to arrive Zark’s 500-kilometer footrace

Bacolod’s pride- Rolando Espina conquered the historical and longest ultra-marathon in the Philippines’ first Zark’s Ultimate Run 500. Espina bested 6 ultra-runners and crossed the finish line with exemplary and grueling official time of 102 hours and 15 minutes at Quezon City Memorial Circle on Saturday night.

Rolando Espina during Spartathlon 2016

Earlier this year, the 44-year-old elite ultra-runner break the course record of Manila to Baguio’s 250 Kilometer Ultra Marathon Race in just 35 hours, 43 minutes and 11 seconds strong finish.

Espina led the pack of Zark’s 500 from starting line staged in Pusuquin, Ilocos Norte on February 22. The six runners started to race by 3 in the afternoon and vied immediate cut off times in every check points.

Half way, Espina clocked strong and maintain his pace to kilometer 400. Along his pursuers was Jivee Tolentino who paced him from the start but disconnected at kilometer 350 making him sure leader board all the way to finish line.

Photo Credit, Edwin Colina (The six starters of Zark’s 500)

He received the elusive and hardest finisher’s buckle to earn in the country. The buckle is marked with 500 representing the distance and named Zark’s 500, with landmark of Ilocos Province and Quezon City. He also received freebies from various sponsors.

Espina is a veteran triathlete and works as a Nurse in Ireland for a long time and is also the first Filipino to finish Spartathlon in 2016.

Spartathon is a 246.8 Kilometer run held in Sparta, Greece and is said to be the toughest ultra-marathon in the world due to its extreme heat condition and strict cut off time from 75 check points.

Zark’s 500 Ultimate Run 500 is presented by Zark’s Burger and in partnership with BBG Run Events and Coach Roel Ano as Race Director.



Pescos wins first ultra


Elite marathoner Rafael Pescos won his first ever ultramarathon race last Sunday, January 28 through 4th edition of Mactan-Speed50 held in Lapu-Lapu City. Pescos whose official time is 3 hours, 31 minutes and 44 seconds, break the record of Mactan-Speed50 who was previously recorded a 3:40:31 finish time in 2016 edition by his team mate Desiderio “Sano” Engbino.

Spectrum’s bet won against 97 local runners and finished at Lapu-Lapu City Hall, eclipsing 40 minutes ahead from second runner, Peter Canumay who is also from Spectrum Runners. Christopher Recto of Baybay City Runners ranked third with official time of 4:44:34.

In women’s division, Marivic Mari of Team ADR hailed champion who pursued a time of 5:13:14 while Noriebelle Guinto of Baybay City Runners placed second with 5:51:48 and Odiza Abella of Lasang Runners with 5:52:48.

Earlier this month, Pescos notched his third wins of the grandest Cebu Marathon which was attended by at least 1,890 runners across the country.

Mactan-Speed50 is a sub 8 ultramarathon challenge and is an annual racing in the city. The event was hosted by Miles Multisport and directed by Sir Blue Tradio. The first edition was in 2015 but in this year’s edition they included a side event of  sub 4 challenge through a 25-kilometer race.


TEAM STUR (Sugarcane Trail/Ultra Runners) a running club of Bukidnon will launch their first racing event thru  BUKIDNON STUR60 ULTRAMARATHON CHALLENGE.

STUR60 is a 60 kilometer foot race from Kaamulan Ground, Malaybalay City and will finish the next day May 27, at the Municipal Hall of Maramag.

Azenith “Joy” Balbutin, Ultramarathon Queen of Bukidnon will be your Race Director. And together with Amigleo Brothers, Ramie and Rene. According to RD Azenith, she is expecting over 100 runners.  Finishers will be rewarded by locally made finisher’s medal, trophy, and tees. Post-race meal will be served too, expect sumptuous dishes! Good enough from your hard-earned  P 1,800 registration fee.

The exciting route route will pass National Road of Bukidon, plus an assault to Mt. Musuan Ecological Zone, with 646 meters above sea level elevation.


For race details and other concerns, please contact Azenith Balbutin. Event’s Facebook page is also for you.


If you’re from Cebu, take an overnight ferry (TransAsia) to Cagayan de Oro then proceed to bus terminal for another ride, the bus will take you at least 2.5 hours to Malaybalay. You may also consider a flight to CDO thru Laguindingan Airport.

If you’re from Manila, Bacolod or Iloilo, fastened your seatbelt and prepare for your take off via Laguindingan Airport, proceed to Cagayan de Oro bus terminal, the bus will take you at least 2.5 hours to Malaybalay.


Lake Apo, Monastery of Transfiguration, Mt Capistrano, Dahilayan Adventure Park, Nasuli Spring, Alalum Falls, The Bukidnon Tree Park,  Kaamulan Park, Blue Water Cave, Mt Kitanglad, Mt Dulang Dulang, Mt Kalatungan, Mt Kalatungan, Wiji Peak, Panimahawa Ridge, and Mangima Canyon. And also, don’t forget to check on the cleanest wet market in the Philippines, Maramag Public Market.