The Five Highest Mountains in the Philippines

This is exactly predictable to mountaineering community. As exploration continues, and with better documentation the order of the highest mountain in the Philippines are as follows. Just briefed

1.Mt. Apo in Davao del Sur

The King, still the highest mountain. No other recent discovery to vie its towering height of 2,956 meters above sea level. Apo is located in Davao del Sur. Sulfur vents, Lake Venado, Boulders, century trees, falls, rivers and various species of flora and fauna all represents majesty.

2. Mt. Dulang Dulang in Bukidnon

With 2938 meters above sea level making it as the second highest peak. One of the favorite hiking destination of mountaineers for its challenging trail, plus a feature of Manny’s Garden

3. Mt. Pulag in Cordillera

Do you still remember that Mt. Pulag was regarded as the second highest mountain? But then as early 2006, some mountaineers and Mindanao explorers documented that Mt. Dulang Dulang in Bukidon is 16 meters taller than Pulag.

4. Mt. Kitanglad in Bukidnon

Surprisingly the summit features towers of, ABS CBN, GMA , NAPOCOR, PTT and etc. This is really Ironic! Whenever in Kitanglad, Mount Dulang Dulang can be traversed and is usually paired with KD2LM (Kitanglad, Dulang Dulang, Langkayugan and Maagnaw). This is a major traverse climb and it takes 4 days to summit them all. Kitanglad’s height is 2,899 masl

5. Mt. Piapayungan in Lanao del Sur

The recent 5th Mt Kalatungan is now down to 6th place, taller by at least 80 meters. This is the newest revelation to mountaineering community and another challenge to all who have completed the major 5. It is commonly mistaken as Mt. Ragang or blue mountain. Its distinction is that, Mt. Ragang is located in the range of Piapayungan where as the highest point of Piapayungan range is referred as Mt. Piapayungan.

Mt. Kalatungan
Mt Kitanglad

Others in the top 10;

6th Mt. Kalatungan, 2860 masl

7th M.t Tabayoc, 2842 masl

8th Mt. Maagnaw, 2742 masl

9th Mt. Timbak, 2717 masl

10th Mt. Ragang, 2714 masl

For sur, in the year to come, there would be another discovery to reveal especially to this top 10. Explorers continue to study its accurate elevation thru satellite imaging. For the meantime, this is how top 5 ordered.