CCM ready? 5 rundown tips to finish a marathon

For sure you had spent at least three months training to prepare the grandest Cebu Marathon 2018. All of us are excited for this coming weekend, we even posts online our enthusiasm with personalized hashtags. Well, here are the last minute tips for you to finish a marathon.

  1. Eat well, at least three hours before the race. The food you intake is digested and converted to stored energy enough to back up you during the period of race.
  2. Hydrate yourself at least one day. Water helps you through entire period of marathon. Please do note, electrolytes are not sports drinks. Good source of electrolytes are sodium, potassium, and calcium. These will regulate your nerve and muscle function, as well blood acidity and pressure.
  3. During the race, aid stations offers some liquid and solid food. If you think you need some just ingest lesser. Don’t dwell too much on food provided at AS.
  4. Don’t compete! You know yourself very well. Every runner has different fitness level. You know if you can push to gain your personal record. Elite and professional runners trained at least six months to notch the podium stage.
  5. The most important, enjoy the race. For sure you will meet your friends here. Offer them a smile, a hug. It would be great if you run with them. Just celebrate, and finish strong! 
Viva Pit Senyor!



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