Passion, Pride and Health

I may not be the perfect to raise up common issues but experience wise, there I qualify my self. I wasn’t born athlete nor trained by known professional coaches, it just happened that I’ve grown up oriented in this type of sports.

My blogs were all about running. Celebrates winnings of any athletes/runners anywhere upon my reach and influence. It also gives bird’s eye to racing events off corners, an evaluation of how race directors manages, runners performances to race technicalities.

Going serious, I have been in trouble from too passionate of  running. That’s why I am opening up these things to break in passion, pride and health.

To start off. By understanding the very used word, passion! This word simply equitable to love. Doing what you love, by doing over and over again because we love it, end.

I say end, the inclusions of the word passion only stops their but if you persuade passion to something elses like rewards and conditions that’s a diffirent thing. That is pride!

Pride is something you could be proud of. After finishing a full marathon then you probably rewarded by finisher’s medal, this is your pride. How much more if you finish an ultramarathon, who could be more than proud of.

We just discussed so light on this, but it feels heavier.

When things are in excess, this is abnormal considering health whether emotions or physicality. Try to take control of your passion and pride. These things could be a powerful tool to pull your health down. It’s okay to track down your passion, to take pride out of it, to be fit, for any reasons. But make sure, you are resistant enough to sustain everything, I mean your body. At the end of the day, health is the most factor to achieve your goal.

I am leaving you hanging on this. My intention is to reflect you from these common issues. Take time,  reconsider, re-evaluate, know your priorities, balance, re-orient and your goal.

To end, passion is not about pride, it’s not about fulfillment and success. Passion is an artwork of your body. Meaning per se, smooth hands are needed to balance the perfect image in a masterpiece.

One thought on “Passion, Pride and Health”

  1. This article reveals your passion for running and your desire to spread the reasons you find in this sports: joy, camaraderie, health and the exhilarating feeling only running can bring.


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