In Case You Missed, DASAL 2017 and TTD70 Season 4 Results

In case you missed it.These annual racing events were both held in Davao City. Datu Salumay Invitational Trail Run, rebranded as DASAL was hosted by TDR-TBUM Habcore Events and was held in Marilog District while TTD70 Season 4 Ultramarathon was hosted by Team Titans of Davao and held in Victoria Plaza, Bajada.

Jonathan Pido of Team PNP was declared overall champion with his 7 hours and 43 seconds official time. While Azenith Balbutin of Sugar Trail Ultra Runners named female champion with her official time of 9 hours 44 minutes and 5 seconds. These champions are both finishers of DUC300 last August.

DASAL On the other hand, Ariel Nguho blazed trail 42 km category this year. He wrapped up the finish line with 6 hours 17 minutes and 15 seconds. While his counterpart Nyl Mamugay, recently won Habagat Cebu Trail Run gave a back to back champion woth her pursued time of 9 hours 2 minutes and 1 second.

Podium results below courtesy of Race Director, Sir Franklin Pepito.

Both events are taking place yearly. DASAL 2018 is already on November 11. While TTD70 Season 5 is yet to determine.

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