Breaking M2D record with Kevin Luna

“Snatching the highest podium is a big deal by many and if anyone does, deserve an applause, recognition and a celebration”

Running is becoming addictive sports today and seriously followed by us, sports enthusiast. It’s not a mere addiction in the end but rather fitness as form and figure and health as metabolic efficiency.  There are lots of racing events out there, like fun runs which are usually fund raising event, half marathons, marathons, ultramarathons and more. Both of those have attracted all levels, students, young professionals, fitness advocates even executives, and businessmen as well. With these means, running knows no boundary and therefore it is for everyone.

Ultra distance is such a crazy type of sports, and it is being loved only by those “crazy” athletes, and crazy means “passion” by a subtle definition. The value of an ultramarathon begins at fifty kilometer.  This distance alone, to think is unreal. But how much more if we go beyond that distance? Now,  you probably understand the connectivity of  these two terms between passion and craziness, given that justice.


Recently, Rodell Mendoza of Active Runners-Philippines hold the country’s toughest and longest ultramarathon event on October 28. The event presented as 3rd Manila to Daet (Bicol) 342 Km Endurance Challenge 2017. The distance is indeed imaginable, negate all impossibilities because it’s already a third edition event which means, it is dumb working. The course record was previously hold by Lao Ogerio in 2015 with taxing time of 74 hours 44 minutes and 29 seconds.

This year, Kevin Luna of Manila breaks that record. He wrapped up the finish line in Daet with his grueling 74 hours 18 minutes and 38 seconds, 26 minutes earlier than of previous holder. By this, it would give an impression and excitement to next year’s edition.

Kevin Luna

Luna, might be a surprise champion to you.  This 30 year old champ had prepared extremely hard on his weekend training just to get his M2D clinch. He attended a lot of racing events as his groundwork, with that it’s not surprising anymore. With his three kids need parenting attention plus his work in scrap business, gave him really tough times.

According to him, it was categorically hard to race such a long distance with no support crew with him. He was dependent at first and just thankful to other support team, whom contributed him on winning. Her good wife and kids came in later at kilometer 260 to support and cheered him all the way. “I never had any thought to surrender from the beginning of the race, all in my mind is to finish it, I started in Rizal Monument, and I should have finished with Rizal’s too”

“Blood, tears and sweats I spent on my toughest race. That cool winds, heavy rains, irritable routes, heat under the sun, darkest nights, pains, thirsts and blisters, all of that I tolerated just to get in the finish line”

As overall champion, he was awarded a sought-after Golden Fin Buckle. He also received finisher’s medal,  a finisher’s trophy inspired from first monument of Rizal,  a finisher’s certificate, and tees.

Think of your most toughest and above all Divine Providence, he illustrates. Luna who picks running by fitness, started his running career just in 2015 and loving it by joining various ultramarathon local events. His longest distance was 160 kilometer by a Pat Maranan’s event.

Heaven Laborde

At first, some friends of him were shocked to see him at the starting line, stunned by him rockin’ the road to Daet. But he is delighted to all these friends cheering on him during race especially his family and to all congratulatory messages he received on his Facebook. To him, it’s overwhelming to see numbers of netizens who sends admiration. “It’s first time in my life, I am feeling ecstatic” as Kevin Luna expresses gratefulness.

Kevin will possibly compete on Crazy Endurance 24 Hours Challenge 2017 this December 9-10 and Mt. Banahaw360 Ultramarathon scheduled on December 16.  To get more on him, you call follow him


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