Cabudlan, Oporto notch 4th SPUUM in Davao


The 4th Southern Philippines Unified Ultramarathon (SPUUM) held in Compostela Valley in Davao Region turned out well over this weekend as it was declared no DNF after all runners finished safely.

With at least 25 runners vying the main category of 100k, Jerobin Cabudlan of Panabo Runners Club (PRC) hailed overall champion with his strongest clock time of 10 hours and 43 minutes while Cebu-based runner Rhoda Oporto of Paksit Runner named as female champion with her time of 13 hours and 20 minutes.

Val Lemuel Longino and Ramie Amigleo pose their finish line

Val Lemuel Longino of Team Davao Runners (TDR) and Ramie Amigleo of Sugarcane Trail Utra Runners (STUR) ranked second and third runners with clock time of 11:24 and 12:41 respectively. While in the female category, Azenith Balbutin of STUR declared second runner with time of 15:43 and Irish Bedrijo of Team PLDR came third with time of 17:10.

Azenith Balbutin and Irish Bedrijo strike a pose in their finish line

Meanwhile, the 50 kilometer category was won by Buddy Lloyd Yparraguirre of Panabo Runners Club with 4 hours and 44 minutes with team mates following him was Eduard Masuar and Jerson Botea for second and third place with 5:10 and 6:25. While in female category, Mary Ann Javarez was declared female champion with 6 hours and 7 minutes following her was Vernaizi Mercado and Jennifer Lerio with 6:16 and 6:23 orderly.

Event’s Promotional Poster

The said event took over this weekend October 14-15 at Municipality of Maco, Compostela Valley and finished in Tugbok, Davao City stretching 100 kilometer via Diversion Road with COT of 19 hours while the 50 kilometer category finished at Brgy. Bunawan, Davao City with 9 hours COT. The event was attended with more than 40 runners nationwide splitting themselves by distance categories. On the other hand, Ms. Katherine Villaflor, SPUUM organizer left ecstatic to all who have shared efforts to this year’s event a success.

Photo Credit : SPUUM
Photo Credit: SPUUM
Photo Credit: SPUUM

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