BBG Superstar, Roselle and Her Buckles


These buckles are lovely to look, to hold, but if you run and finished, considered you will own it.  And that acquainted phrases, definitely would remind you of a toxic reminder of glassware section in any department store. In a serious note, to acquire these buckles, finishing a long distance running is a definite answer. And it’s a thing that ultra runners looking into. But running more than marathon distance is not a laid back object matter, otherwise a subjective. Simply because it is a test of mind and body. Ultra marathon distance is more of mentality and enough determination to triumph over everything from the accounts. Perhaps, it’s a matter of sweats, blood and tears.

I have lots of friends in running community, well aside from that mountaineering of course. But what made her unique is that her distance that makes her exemplary over other women. There are lots of ultra runners today but not typical runner like her. For her record, she finished her longest ultra marathon, the 300 Kilometer Butuan City to Davao City where she ranked 1st runner up with a clocked time of  74 hours 39 minutes and 45 seconds. This is just one, it will give you a total goose bumps knowing her entire record. Make headway, let us start knowing her!


She is SUPERSTAR in her race bib. She is a mother of two. A 37 years old stunner from Manila. A down to earth person and a good friend. A gym rat and a beach bum. Perfect instance to call her BBG (Basta Bisaya Gahi). Undisputed elite runner. She is no less, ROSELLE ABAJO of Team Soleus.




20883121_10212557625167268_2146211743_oPresently, Roselle holds stunning 11 buckles plus one buckle as Grand Slam Awardee for her Hardcore Event attendance. All from her collection in long distance running throughout the country. She finished most of the longest distances in ultra marathon events here in the Philippines. And seldom you see her in marathon and fun run events. She is a DNF no record runner and most of her ultra races staged her podium. Aside from ultra, she is a podiumer too in short distances. To date, she recorded 123 races in total including outside the country.


Since 2011, she continue her passion and widen her ability and skills in athletics and aimed to improve herself, exactly a better version of her. Thus in 2013, she recorded her first ultra podium finished through MAP50, a 50 Kilometer ultra marathon where she placed second. She was the 2014’s and 2015’s female champion of 80KM Gumaca to Pagbilao Ultra Marathon. 2014’s SanggasotKilometro (100KM) female champion. 2015’s BATOQ 66K Ultra Marathon female champion. 2015’s BONPEN Traverse 100KM Ultra Marathon female champion. 2015’s Bicol to Quezon 120KM female champion. 2015’s Speed 52KM Lipa to Dolores Ultra Marathon female champion. 2016’s QCC 160KM female champion. 2016’s West Coast 200KM female champion. There are lots to mention really. Truly amazing, and inspirational to all aspiring ultra runners. According to her, she wants to be an inspiration to all women. She just dreaming a little but shaped up through tough times and have come far from her humble beginnings. Check out her Instagram her Facebook account



Roselle is set to race Manila to Daet 342K Ultramarathon on October 28 to November 1, 2017. This is absolutely will be her longest in record. The event will start at Rizal Park, Manila and finish in Bantayog Park in Daet, Camarines Sur. At a given COT, she is one of the hopefuls to finish the race. The said event is said to be one of the current seven toughest ultra marathon race in the country.  The route will pass Pan-Philippine Highway going south of Manila to Camarines Sur. If she finished, would be the first to woman to have completed the 342 kilometer ultra marathon and one to try longest ultra marathon in the Philippines, the Cebu550.

7 years in the field running, check on her running records below. You might share same events already.




Running Credential-300


Photo Gallery







4 thoughts on “BBG Superstar, Roselle and Her Buckles”

  1. Wow inspiring.. its not yet too late for us to be like them. It needs more on personal motivation. This is not to be like her or them who do the marathon. But its more on our health. Just like me who is obessed and trying fighting to get that normal BMI. I have started now walking into long KMs and hope i could start running and get that dream normal BMI.

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