Batiancila, Jore top 1st Bogo City to Cebu City 100K Ultramarathon Race

In recently concluded 1st Edition of Bogo City to Cebu City 100K Ultramarathon, Edilberto Batiancila of Spectrum Runners champed over 44 runners with Marjorie Jore of Team ADR as female champion. Batiancila whose official clocked time was 10:06:55, sets first course record to beat by next edition, while female champ Jore recorded a strong finish time of 15:33:10.

Batiancila on his finish line. Photo Credit: PME

Desiderio Engbino and Bayani Alvarez both from Spectrum Runners ranked 2nd and 3rd with finish time of 10:07:07 and 10:07:16 respectively. Rosalinda Corsino a well known local ultrarunner, with 16:05:55 and Anastacia Montesclaros of Team ADR, 17:07:55  as female runners up.

Female Champ  Jore, in her finish line. Photo Credit: PME

On the other hand, Batiancila, Engbino and Alvarez  sweeping victory was one of the testaments to dubbed them “The Big Three of Spectrum Runners”. They are among elite runners who have shown exemplary performances in their recent winning events.

Alvarez, Batiancila, Engbino with Milo Marathoner Rafael Pescos in their FL photo. Photo Credit: PME

Earlier, Alvarez  champed the 2nd Cebu Southwest 210K Ultra last June 9-11. Engbino won  the 1st edition of Maasin City to Agas Agas Bridge 80K Ultra in Leyte last July 29-30 while Batiancila won also the hardcore-like TCU55 Ultramarathon last July 22-23.

Runners starting line group pictures at Bogo City Hall. Photo Credit: PME

The Bogo-Cebu ultra race was participated by at least 44 runners likely to be nationwide which was attended by runners from Luzon and Mindanao. The event culminated with 20 hours COT with one DNF and DSQ record after webscorer published by the organizer. It all started from Bogo City Hall on August 19, Saturday, 8:30 PM and finished at Cebu Provincial Capitol the next day August 20, Sunday. The event was organized by Prince Multisport Events with Sir Joseph Prince Baltazar as Race Director.

Photo Credit: PME

The edition is claimed to be first ultramarathon race since 2011. The City Mayor of Bogo was delighted to have the event  kicked off  in his city. Mayor Carlo Martinez in fact, prepared carb loading meal for participants before the gun start.

Excerpt from overall results;


Check the full overall results here .

Photo Gallery (Credit to the Owner)

20915301_2057761677776447_7821064696613853069_n20953373_1588205187877234_3393044112372608248_n20953794_1777298338966327_2912095575253979899_n20953839_1439139672806911_7250390196568852773_n21013455_1489505894428864_532013869_n (1)21014809_10207976153841957_1054913747_o21034708_671263929731841_5884454824813686237_n20914637_10155166567259822_1264354846698404872_n20953088_1577149225691463_5307686363134658624_n


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