Lake Holon, untold paradise of South Cotabato

It was long weekend holiday when I and my friends from my mountaineering community decided to take a visit a lake in South Cotabato, a fresh water lake favorably known to hikers and outdoorsy people like me. In fact, we just descended from Mt. Matutum when we decided to side trip the lake. Not really in our plans but just in our bucket list. And we pursue with our group’s decision.

Tourist’s Receiving Area

We reached the receiving area of Brgy. Salacafe in T’boli late night. Pitched our tents and prepared foods and waited early morning to begin hiking. It was guided hike with corresponding fees agreed by their local tourism business. We took briefing and orientation, discussions of do’s and don’ts were presented to ensure safety among hikers and its impact to the environment, especially to the lake.

IMG_0074 (2)
As early as 3AM trekking to witness morning dew of the lake

At about three hours of trekking we reached the indescribable body of water, the Lake Holon. Indeed was a feeling of irresistible to imagine to stand right behind a paradise, a paradise beyond busy streets and urban people. A happiness and fulfillment after a long hike and sweats which you ended up a very scenic, unique and a truly hidden treasure of the pearl of the orient. A feeling of honored to have witnessed the astounding creation where natives are among the steward to protect and preserve its beauty.

IMG_0105 (4)
My friends in Mountaineering Buddies

Lake Holon or Lake Maughan is undeniably one of the most beautiful lake I’ve ever known. The green sceneries represents the rich vegetation of untouched forest surrounding the lake. The waters of it, is the cleanest among inland waters in the country.  Its calm and deep waters embodies the superlative and inimitable nature gift given by our Creature. While natives and neighboring Sitios enjoy fishing as their daily source of income.

Early Morning Scene of the Lake

Right behind the lake, is the famous Mt. Parker. One of country’s hiking destination of both local and foreign mountaineers. At the summit of it, you can take a 360 degree view of the lake and even more stunning like a blue gem engraved in the middle of the mountains. Every hikers and visitors left this view deck no instragrammable photos saved, in fact it’s among the favorite shot of the entire hikes and you should have your phone backed up.

Camping Site of Lake Holon

To date, Lake Holon remains prevalent among locals. In fact when you ask some, they would reply “where is that?” To be biased it’s more known to local trekkers and mountaineers. The local tourism also shared efforts to boost their tourism activities, and it’s doing well.

Kayaking is a must try activity when in Lake

To have this amazing nature, isn’t only for us to enjoy, it is not about but we see but it’s about what we should care of. After all, we are all recipients from what we have not taken for granted.


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