Finishing the Toughest Edition of TransCebu Ultramarathon!

Have you heard about Transcentral Highway in Cebu City? If not, do a bit research of it. Then try to imagine of how we borne to finish line of an ultamarathon race.

Runners from 105KM Category


Runners from 55KM Category

One of my ever toughest ultramarathon was TransCebu Ultramarathon in 2016 and 2017. Considered to be one of the longest, toughest, most elevated ultra-race in the province and even Southeast Asian Regions. I joined twice already, and it’s indeed hard to finish stronger in 105KM category. Its total elevation recorded utmost at 3,913 m and the highest elevation is 975 m and highest temperature logged is 32 degree Celsius with the lowest of 22 degree Celsius.

The Old Route of TCU105 (used in 2014,2015,2016). Elevation is also described in this graphics. Image Credit to the Owner.

The past edition of 105KM category flagged off at Naga City in Southern Cebu and stretched via Toledo City and Balamban National Road to Transcentral Cebu with Mt. Manunggal to finish line in Brgy. Busay, Cebu City. While 55KM category flagged off at the Municipality of Balamban with the same route as 105KM category. But in the year 2017, 105KM implemented its new route. The route was even more strenuous, dirtier roads and more trails. It was an out and back route, totally brand new. From its starting line in Brgy. Busay to Brgy. Sta Cruz in Balamban and back with trails of Mt. Manunggal and new trails extending up to 10KM trail to Sitio Satujan in Brgy Gaas, Balamban. And 55KM category flagged off in Brgy. Sta Cruz in Balamban and followed same route as 105KM.

2017 TCU route (105KM and 55KM)

In recently concluded event of TCU 2017. There were only thirteen (13) official finishers, with four (4) finishers beyond cut off time and one (1) DNF from 105KM category. While 100% were finishers of 55KM category equivalent to seventeen (17) runners.



Finisher’s medal

What would I say? I am pleased to finish it for the second time. I am also grateful to runners to have tested themselves in one of the toughest ultra in local scene. My salute to runners who never gave up and continued to endure themselves until the finish line. To Race Director- Sir Blue, thank you so much for innovating a commendable race events. It is truly inspiring among local and foreign athletes, We now believe that ” Slow is the new fast” .Congratulations to us and see you in 2018!


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