Ninja Moves By Ninja Runners – finishing the line guilty!

Foremost, this blog is just only my personal opinions and it doesn’t risk any of those race directors and organizers. I based it on my personal experiences and assessment to racing events.

To start with, marathon here in the Philippines simply no fooling while ultra marathon is adverse, especially at night time. In a marathon or an ultra marathon, organizers are always direct responsible to their runners and vice versa. Runners must follow instructions at all times and submit himself to instruction given. That’s why runners are encourage to attend, listen and absorb all details presented during race briefing. Race briefing is purposely formulated to prevent runners from DQ and DNF.

But why is that there are still runners who don’t follow these instructions? Some making shortcuts or taking advantage by riding with their support vehicle before the finish line. Definitely it’s so unfair, this so real. It happens, and it’s rampant especially to ultramarathon events. Simply, these runners are not professional and not true blooded athletes. But why they do so?

Things I’m sure for them, guilt-ridden and incomplete. If these runners tallied it as a personal achievement then they are fooling themselves, totally duping their mileage. May be, they’re happy getting those freebies and tokens but after that, it’s so awkward feeling.

To end , I always salute to runners who uphold value of sportsmanship and objectivity. I still respect runners who made mistakes because for sure they have stories too and I am very open minded with that. I just hope they will change, run with your heart and not by your arrogance and pride. I’m not putting country’s credibility for athletics at risks especially in running, but I further presenting only the status and current ill condition of ultra running, hence this ill doesn’t happens all the time but in some

“Our passion of running, merely define us human with full potential. We both have reasons why we run and we both have stories why we continue to run” – The Marathon Blogger

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