7 Elite Stories of Pamutan Trail; their stories and yours too!

Do you like trail running? Definitely you would think twice before you answer it. Some others yes, but mostly not. Trail running simply refers to mountain trails and it shares same discipline with road marathon but what is immense difference is that the superfluous effort you will engage along the whole race due to uphill and downhill route. Plus, the muddy and subtle tracks that surprises you along.

Now, let me take you to the recent trail event in Cebu. The 1st Pamutan Trail Marathon concluded last July 2 in Bagsakan Center, Pamutan, Cebu City. The said event was part of Cebu Trail Challenge Series to which all of these races will be happening later this year in Cebu ridges.

My timeline weeks ago caught my attention by some reactions of my friends, FB friends, IG follows in favour to Pamutan Trail Marathon. It was indeed a mixed shout outs, full of excitements, happiness, completions, consolations and etc.

To start with their fascinating stories and reactions lets kick it off by the “King of Pamutan Trail Marathon;




3.19849235_10212659256343846_126973920_n - Copy

4.donn - Copy - Copy




The stories of these athletes are simply inspirational. Win or “lost” we owe a great stories and learnings from them. Cebu FAT ASS Trail Run is up, and definitely their attendance are highly regarded as yours. For more of their stories, check on their Facebook accounts and get motivated.





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