The Mystical Beauty of Mt. Dulang Dulang; the PH second highest

“Open the window of your mind, allow the fresh air, new lights and new truth to enter” – Amit Ray

Mountaineering is not my sport really, but it’s my passion too. Being attached in this strenuous sport requires a lot of efforts. I mean physical conditioning to adapt the temperature and trained to walk at various types of trails of any mountains.

At my young age, I already climbed few of the minor peaks in Mindanao Islands. Until such time, I learned that mountain climbing is my passion and almost my life.

Ritual Area, Summit of Mt. Dulang Dulang

One of the stunning mountains I’ve ever climbed was the second highest mountain in the Philippines. Mount Dulang Dulang seats in Kitanglad Range in Lantapan, Bukidnon in Mindanao. The mountain towered 2,938 meters above the sea level, just 16 meters lower than Mt. Apo.

Frostiest Area, Mt. Dulang Dulang

Like any other mountains such as Apo and Pulag, this mountain is also sacred to the locals, especially to the Talaandig Tribes of Lantapan. To date, it is accorded ancestral domain of the natives.

At the Summit, and Mt. Kitanglad in the background

When in summit, mostly covered by fogs and clouds. Scenery of different landscapes is breathtaking, from grasslands, pines, bonsai plants to huge trees makes you alien at all. The view from the top will also give you a glimpse of Mt. Apo, Mt. Kalatungan and Mt. Kitanglad, which are both major summits of our country.

IMG_0168 (1)
Manny’s Garden of Mt. Dulang Dulang

The aura of this mountain will give you an impression of Elven Forest of Rivendell in “Lord of the Rings” film. Trees are almost covered with moss and lichens, the impressive forests will definitely give you the significance of flora and fauna.

With the ritual sacrifice of chicken, a tradition before climbing will complete your hiking experience. White cloths are hanged at the summit to pay respect the native culture. Thus, it added the mysticism of the mountain.


Lowly trail of Mt Dulang Dulang via Mt. Kitanglad

This mountain is a major climb. Never underestimate, secure your local guides to summit safely. Mental and physical are needed to successfully surmount it. At the end of your journey, it’s all about  enough determination.

To God be All the Glory.

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