The Philippines’ highest, Mt Apo

IMG_0772 (2)

I learned about Mount Apo when I was on my grade school. It was only through books and of course through other resources like TV shows, tabloids, magazines and other forms, truly a learner. But I never knew about his wonders, all I knew that Mount Apo is highest mountain in the Philippines. Well by that age, I dreamed to climb him one day, and it happens!

I had no accounts to share my first stories on my first Mt Apo climb in 2007. But in August 2015 with friends from Davao City. We grouped together to climb Mt Apo. With a long three day hike and two night camping we reached the summit of the countrys highest mountain. It was truly kingly up there, showing supremacy indeed.

IMG_0748 (1)

Fogs, sulfur vents, flora and fauna and challenging boulders are some considered attractions. Truly lowlands couldn’t offer.

Those wild berries in flat garden resist none of your taste buds, pick it. Instagramable views deserves you for the subject. Canopied forests of century trees, giant ferns, hard wood trees seen guarded by goblins of  Apo, please care. Crater lake that describes him the sturdiest one, the biggest onc and the fiercest one. Boulders that defines his power to shatter everything around him.  And finally the impossible trail up is all about hardship to witness his magnificence.

With that experience alone, I learned something, something that is beyond stewardship. I’d able to immerse to its beauty.  The luxuriois landscape demands protection from humanity to maintain its ecological value to its whole system.

I would be forever grateful to this experience. I will never forget the lessons I catched. It is something an achievement for a lifetime value. I will keep climbing Mt Apo and other mountains to celebrate their majesty and be a steward of them. I promise to protect them from harmful and destructive acts by his people.

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