Who is Maning? and why we run Hunat Sugbu?

Image Credt to Hunat Sugbu

Who is Maning? Mr. Manuel Ting, also known as Maning was a hotelier and president of Cebu Parklane International Hotel. He was 72 years old when he was gunned down by a hit with more than 10 times shots while driving way home on June 22, 2010. With wounds and injuries all over his body caused him to death. The said incident was in a relation and connected to his brother attacked case, Nicolas Ting whom survived from three gun shots wounds.

Why we run Hunat Sugbu? (Dagan Para ni Maning) The existence of Hunat Sugbu is a legacy and is not just for fun, but rather a cause for community. A foundation that helps the less privilege people especially those hearing impaired, a vision of the late man that continues shared by his friends and followers. Through Hunat Sugbu, proceeds goes to the foundation.

You know why we run and continue to exist? It takes a lot of brain storming why we exist, the simple answer is to help others especially those in need and it’s not about yours. We are all fortunate here, but there are less fortunate people that seek our assistance. And we run Hunat Sugbu, because we wanted to help this community.

Hunat Sugbu is an annual event in Cebu City. It’s getting bigger and a must-run event. Choices of categories are as follows; half marathon, 12K, 6K and 3K. The newly improved Hunat uses timing chips to help the consciousness of runners with their personal records. The latest edition was held last June 25, 2017. The said edition was their seventh, the first was in 2011.

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