Spectrum sets first record of Sangyaw Marathon

Congratulations to Rafael Pescos of Spectrum Runners!


You competently set the first record of Sangyaw Marathon with the whooping official time of 2:40.

Wow, that was unplanned marathon! It was a last minute decision when I tried my luck to register the Sangyaw Marathon in Tacloban City and it was such an overwhelmed feeling joining among marathoners of the island. Officially titled as Tacloban City Sangyaw Marathon 2017, organized by a Tacloban-based club SAFORUN.

Among the choices of category were full marathon, half marathon and a fun run of five kilometers.


The Starting/Finish Line. Right at the heart of the city, the Tacloban City Hall Ground with a picturesque view of Cancabato Bay all commenced the event.

The Race Route. It’s a typical city marathon like others in the country. It tracked the main roads and featured the well renowned, San Juanico Bridge and absolutely the best thing of the entire event.

The Runners. The event was well published online, as expected runners from different cities nearby were present. There were familiar faces to me, my friends from social media and friends from Cebu.


The Organizers/ Race Director. Kudos to SAFORUN for a well-organized event. The Aid Station and Hydration were put strategically and it was valuable thing to all runners.

Honorable Mentions. Off course, the female champion, Ruffa Sorongon with an official time of 3 hours and 37 minutes.

Evaluation. I give 7/10 see you in 2018!

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