Banas Guimaras 10 Mile Trail Race 2017; A taste of Guimaras Island Trails.

Guimaras Island, Philippines is known for its sweetest Mango. Aside from it, they are also famous in beautiful beaches and lucrative wind mills in the town of San Lorenzo.


But what made me more interested was, on April 16, 2017 I was invited by my friend and Iloilo-based runner Ms. Rena Manubag, on a trail run event in Guimaras. The event officially titled “Banas Guimaras” which was a 10 mile or 16 Kilometer trail race. And since I am passionate to racing events, I packed up my things and traveled from Davao City to Iloilo City.


The Start/Finish line. Cabalagnan Central Elementary School was the starting and the finishing line. At 5:30 in the morning of Easter Sunday, runners broke their legs to the island trails, packed with strong determination and personal bests to conquer the course.


The Race Course/ the Trails. Since it’s a trail run, expect everything as normal. The route featured the mountains of Barangay Cabalagnan, Nueva Valencia. It was a bit hilly but runnable at all times. The route was fascinating, cashew trees are abundant which I think it comes natural to their place, greens sceneries and rice farms were among scenic, it was mostly open forest and morning heat was expected. Before reaching the finish line, you will track the seaside of the town. Views are best for Instagram and Facebook. Finally, the famous Rumagangrang Beach Resort in town, famous for its untouched nature and rock climbing activities of the cove.


17992043_1492566184119539_6385265886894578162_nThe Runners. There were at least 30 runners attended the event. Not much published but attended by most trail run avid around Iloilo, Antique and by some locals. But for sure next year, it will be more exciting as the feedback was good and expect more runners to come.


The Organizer/Race Director. No organizers/director allow his runners messed. Hydration/Aid were put in strategic places, proper markings were well imposed and marshals were attentive.

Honorable Mentions. To the Race Director Mr. Russel Lingat and his co-organizer Mr. Daive Valiente, thank you for the worth-running event and I will be looking forward for a half marathon trail event next year. To the male and female champions, Mr. John Ray Onifa and Abigail Faye Odelmo, you guys are born champions, keep it up!

Onifa on his finish line photo
Odelmo, in her finish

Evaluation. I give 9/10. See you in 2018!



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