I DNF Cebu Southwest 210 Kilometers Ultramarathon today!


Quitter never wins. Yes, I did not finish (DNF) my 210K Ultramarathon in the 2nd Cebu Southwest today. And giving up a race is a tough decision, It’s a decision between health and pride. And of course,   I choose health. But never in mind to quit the race, because I’ve prepared it very well. In fact, prior the event I’d attended several ultras and trail race everywhere as treatment of my training.


At KM35, my struggle began. I felt chest pain reaching the 50K cut off. I experienced acid reflux thrice and tried power walk to ease the pain of my stomach. I even took a nap for 15 minutes to prevent heart burning. I became even slower in my pace, to realize that more runners overtook me. Finally, I reached the 50K with a time 7 hours and 23 minutes, and hit my target time. I took a break with my Azenith Balbutin, a good friend of mine from Bukidnon. We ate some foodies to supply our lost energy, and after few minutes we commenced our 105K goal.

With a normal pace with my friend, at 55K I began to feel the chest pain again. The food I took began to move up to my esophagus, and another reflux again. I asked Azenith, to continue running and leave me for the meantime and promise to pack with her at 105K. I took a nap, again. But my acid reflux worsened even at more than 7-8 times. I tried not quit, I stayed strong, I thinked positive, took a nap over and over again. But unfortunately, it worsened and I lost the pack. With a big decision I quit the race at KM65 and called up the race officials and went home.


The 210K ultra stretched the municipalities of south. Santander in the Southeast of Cebu was the starting point of the event, and plotting towns of Samboan, Ginatilan, Malabuyoc, Alegria, Badian, Moalboal, Alacantara, Ronda, Dumanjug, Barili, Aloguinsan, Pinamungajan, Toledo City, Balamban, Transcentral Cebu, way to the finish line Plaza Independencia, Cebu City.

To the finishers of the 2nd Cebu Southwest 210K Ultramarathon, you all deserve the highest recognition. You are all exceptional ultra-marathoner. To the Hard Core Events, you guys are awesome, I set limits by your race standards.



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