Ormoc City to Baybay City 60K Ultramarathon Leg 1


I enjoy running, aside from its health benefits. It is my passion and I am addicted to it. Last April 22, 2017 I had the chance to join and ultramarathon race held in Leyte which was organized by Prince Multi Sports Events Inc.. The Ormoc City to Baybay City 60K Ultra Marathon, the said event is a piece of Leyte Island Ultramarathon Series 2017. Others are Maasin City to Agas Agas Bridge 80K Ultramarathon, Leyte Landing 100K and San Juanico 100Mile which are among scheduled mid-year and of later this year.

The Starting Line. The excitement of the race started right at the heart of the City Plaza of Ormoc. There was a short introduction and briefing of the race, after which at 10PM runners drew foot and broke legs to the south to the finish, and that’s including me of course.

The Runners. Attended by more than a hundred of ultra-runners nationwide. All were familiar faces and I’m used. I was never out of place. I was surprised to reunite with friends from Cagayan de Oro and they’re truly run addict “wherever and whenever”. I saw some runners who were champions from the other recent events and as expected they’re leading the race. Runners were well groomed and prepared with hydration bottles. And one thing caught my attention was the barefoot runners, my goodness it takes bravery and courage running without a gear of shoes. Well, I believe in them. Numbers of female runners were also noticeable.

The Course. The race stretched a 60 Kilometers long going south and with a cut off time of 12 hours. 60 kilometer is a no joke by foot. In my case, I’d prepared it much though it’s not my first time. I underwent heat training and mileages to prepare for it and even picked foods to eat. Since it started late night, heat was a no worry but I personally targeted to finish the race before sun heats up in the morning. It’s a road ultramarathon, expect big trucks on the traffic. One of the highlights of the race was that, runners passed and routed the main of building Visayas State University (VSU) where “Truth Statue” can be found which the finisher’s trophy and medal were inspired from. And I think the Race Director wanted to convey a message to all runners passing the Truth Monument.

The Finishing Line. Well the finish line,  is undeniably the most challenging part. The last 5 kilometers was a surprised to me, though it’s concrete road but it was a pure uphill, not that typical uphill but slow uphill maybe. Say f***, it’s perfect! It paid off reaching the finish line, Lintaon Peak, which offers a 360 degree view of Baybay City.  Lintaon Peak is becoming a hiking destination to local trekkers  and it attracts more and more tourists since it was featured on GMA 7. So relaxing, perfect to end a long distance race with a perfect landscape of the city. The race ended on Sunday, April 23 at 10am.

The Organizers/Race Director. Kudos to the people behind the event! The RD didn’t forget to paid courtesy to the runners by welcoming teams and individuals involved in the event. Aid stations were placed strategically, foods and liquids were well prepared. Marshalls were visible and even cheered runners passing. The coordination of the organizer to the local units was a congratulatory and it’s feels safe running such event.

Honorable Mentions. Sir Joseph Prince Baltazar, the Race Director of the Leyte Island Ultramarathon Series 2017. To the Great Sano Engbino, the male champion with a whooping time of 4:49:20 and Mary Grace Solarte, the female champion with the clock time of 6:40:27, you guys are awesome exceptional. To the strongest and last female finisher Nimfa De Veyra, a teacher hails from Baybay City, you are an inspiration to all.

Evaluation: I  rate 9/10 for the well organized event.


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