Trailblazing with Noy; 1st Mt. Talinis Marathon Champ

Manila-based mountain athlete Joseph “Noy” Gentoleo emerged victorious in the recent 1st Mt. Talinis Marathon held October 7 in the town of Valencia, Negros Oriental.

Photo Credit: Glairold Racella

Gentoleo, 34, Hoka One One Ambassador and Team Amihan member, marked a record of 9 hrs 46 mins and 1 sec in 55 kilometer actual distance beating at least 70 trail runners accross the country.

According to Gentoleo, “the race was one of his hardest, the route was much more technical and jungled but nothing to worry about since it was very organized, marked with proper trail signs and food stations along”

The said race is a candidate for 2019 Asia Trail Master Championship series, headed by Mr. Rhodel Sarande.

Mt. Talinis, as “Horn of Negros” is the highest mountain in the island after Mt. Kanlaon. It’s elevation is 1,903 meters above sea level.

Gentoleo was supposed to debut UTMB in France but his visa was denied “last minute” which prevented him to participate the world’s prestigious trail race.

With his Asia Trail Master series success, undoubtedly is one of the best in the country.

My friends are bound for Mt. Talinis Marathon!

Set tonight October 6, Mt. Talinis Marathon will officially kicks off right at the heart of Municipality of Valencia Grounds, Negros Oriental. Featuring an ultra distance covering the summit of Cuernos de Negros otherwise known as Mt. Talinis with an elevation of 1,903 meters above the sea level and an actual distance of 55 kilometer to finish.

The race will track the most lucrative and technical part of the trail and scenic view of the ranges of Negros.

Also offers shorter distances like 25k and 17k which will commence tommorow morning October 7.

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Gasang, Guinto top Pamutan Trailfest

Just this weekend, Cebu Trail Runners hold their 2nd edition of Pamutan Trailfest featuring a marathon distance along the trails of Brgy. Pamutan and nearby.


Kicks off 12 am on Sunday at Bagsakan Center Pamutan, Merson Gasang  of TAD crossed the finish line in 9 hours, 57 minutes and 5 seconds, emerged as male champion for a marathon distance. Gasang was noted lost the trail earlier in his second loop but regain the game all the way to the finish line. Along in the male podium, were John Maurice Quirol with 10:00:53, settled in  2nd place and Rhodel Sarande with  10:00:55 in 3rd place.

While female category was won by Noriebelle Guinto of Baybay City Runners (BCR) whose official time 13 hours, 10 minutes and 10 seconds was made her lead among female runners. Fe Hoffner Von Styggenein, also from BCR placed second in her time of  13:12:15 and Glee Marie Largo with 13:19:05 settled in 3rd place.

Aside from 42km distance, there were also shorter distance like 22k, 14k and 7k which started earlier on Sunday.

For the overall results, click this :

The said Pamutan Trailfest 2018 was hosted by Cebu Trail Runners, a group of trail junkies based in Cebu. The trailfest was the second from their last year’s race and expected to attract more trail runners across the country in their coming editions.


Hope 400 Ultramarathon Race Result


Photo Credit: Marvin Photography

  • Race EventHope 400 Ultramarathon
  • Date of Event: 9am August 8 to 10 AM August 12
  • Start: Lanao’s People Park, Marawi City 
  • Finish: Peoples Park, Davao City
  • Distance: 400 kilometers+
  • Cut off time: 96 hours, immediate cut off every 100 km (24 hours)
  • Course: Road
  • Race Director: Coach Roel Ano
  • Organizing Team: Davao Ultrarunners Club / BBG Events
  • Tag: Mindanao’s longest footrace
Rank Runner Time
1 Jonathan Pido 82:32:55
2 Rhodelyn Salavia 90:45:12
3 Jose Sanchez 91:22:14
4 Neil Bultron 91:22:15
5 Arnel Andilab 91:27:22
6 Terese Celmar 92:20:03
7 Edwin Silagan 92:20:04
8 Ramie Amigleo 97:28:05
9 Rene Amigleo 97:28:05
10 Jake Soriano 98:35:41
11 Irene Tan 100:23:35
12 Azenith Balbutin 101:00:03



Pamutan trailfest kicks off 12 mid

By 12 midnight later, the so called trailfest begin to at least 30 brave runners for a marathon distance of Pamutan Trail. And to be followed by a shorter distances early morning on Sunday by a “huge”numbers of registrants.

Last year, Peri Pevida of Team ADR won 42km category. Will a new champion will emerge this time? Tune in for more stories. Last year was a both surprise and experimental since it was debut.  A lot of participants were DNF and few were BCT. Will this year’s participants a lot wiser? Just check out tomorrow!

See you at Bagsakan, Brgy. Pamutan, Cebu City!

Engbino, Mari win anew

At least 298 runners gathered to run for a cause event of Team ADR’s Cebu North 50KM Ultramarathon held over July 14 and 15 at Bogo City Plaza, North Cebu.


Veteran runner Desiderio “Sano” Engbino of Spectrum Runners was declared once more as male champion setting him three hours, 55 minutes and 50 seconds while Team ADR’s very own Marivic Mari notched her category with 5 hours, 54 minutes and 54 seconds.

“Sano” remains consistent every race and proves his mastership of ultra-running even outside Cebu. Mari, a police officer started not so long ago to ultra-running is now making her name as the fast-rising female champion. Both were tandem champion of the recent San Fernando-Kawasan 50 mile ultra last month.

Others in the male podium were Edil Batiancila who is also from Spectrum recorded a time 4:05:53, following him Isidro Moradas with 4:42:28. While in women’s cat, Mary Claire Maranga was listed as second runner to reach with 6:08:05 and Lilian Racuya came third with 6:34:11.

The event also hosted a half way ultra-race. 25Km category commenced 3AM on Sunday was attended by 85 runners. After 5 hours cut off, Vivencio Narca concluded victorious of his category marking one hour, 40 minutes and 54 minutes. Filrose Mejorada won her cat by at least Sub 2:30. Abelito Neiz settled as second male runner and Bonifacio Monjas, third with 1:52:22 and 1:49:52 respectively. Annalisa Dacayana came second female runner with 2:54:21 and Ma. Theresa Sagiahon came as third with 3:32:37.

The top 3 in each category was awarded a cash prize and plaque. The top 10 in each category was also recognized and awarded a podium medal at the conclusion of the event.

Benefiting the cause, is Brian “Popoy” Guillen, a team member of Any Day Runners. The intention is to help “Popoy” defray his medical expenses. Guillen is an ultra-runner/ triathlete and police officer who suffered from severe dehydration after he collapsed during run leg of Ironman 70.3 last year.

The organizers, race director and president of Team ADR Jez Ramos were delighted to all runners joining the successful event.